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Author: Kuzin Sergei
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Getty museum sends three artifacts back to Italy

The J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles returned three ancient artifacts to Italy this week, in their ongoing legal battle over looted art. The return could act as a test case for future claims against the Getty and other U.S. museums involving art acquired through Paris-based American art dealer Robert Hecht.

Russian detectives go on treasure hunt for 55,000 artworks

RUSSIAN police are looking for 55,000 stolen works of art worth more than £500m that have been smuggled abroad and sold on the black market during the 15 years since the collapse of communism.

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Gary Tinterow, chief curator of the new department of 19th-century, Modern and contemporary art, outlines his plans

This summer, the Metropolitan Museum of Art announced the establishment of a vast new department of 19th-century, Modern, and contemporary art, embracing European paintings from 1800 to the present, international 20th-century sculpture, drawings, prints, decorative arts, and design

Benedikt Taschen reveals his contemporary art

Benedikt Taschen is famous, and rich, because he publishes books that diffuse images in their millions, books with seemingly impossibly high production values considering their rock-bottom pricing

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There is an adage: The more screenwriters involved in a film, the worse the script. "Surviving Christmas" proves the point. It's penned by Deborah Kaplan, Harry Elfont, Jeffrey Ventimilia and Joshua Sternin. But this script is so bad I'm surprised there were only four writers involved.

Ben Affleck seems like a nice guy, and has an extremely likable screen presence. But he's not a great actor. Sure, he's a movie star, but a lack of acting ability hasn't stopped hundreds of stars in the past, and it's doubtful it will in the future. But what's really aggravating is Affleck's unfailing knack for picking really bad projects. He's done it again with this holiday turkey.

Sharing Affleck's stunning lack of judgment are his co-stars James Gandolfini, Christina Applegate and Catherine O'Hara -- good actors, one and all. Now in all fairness, the premise does have a glimmer -- I said a glimmer -- of a good idea hidden away deep (deep) inside. Too bad it was written with an eggbeater.

Affleck plays Drew Latham, an advertising executive whose life seems golden. He has the perfect job, the perfect loft apartment and seemingly the perfect girlfriend, Missy Vangilder, played by Jennifer Morrison.

When he suggests that he and Missy take off to Fiji during the yuletide holidays, she freaks out. To her, his reluctance to spend Christmas in the bosom of their families is the last straw for their relationship. In fact, Drew has never even mentioned his family, let alone introduced her to them. After stamping her little Gucci-encased feet, she storms out of his loft and supposedly his life.

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